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Author website

I made a website for the author Gabriella Håkansson. She wanted a website focused on aesthetics and symbolism from her triolgy about Aldermann.


Techniques: WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, revealJS

Tesla project

I made an augmented reality experience for the web. I was hired by Rámus, a poetry publisher. It was displayed at the Gothenburg book fair, and some new dates are popping up this year as well, mail me for more details!


Techniques: NodeJS, ThreeJS, Blender, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Politicians blog

I was hired to do the blog for the Spokesperson of the Young Greens of Sweden.


Techniques: WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript



A project on the hush-hush I am working on. But I can say that it’s a shop of sorts.



Techniques: Bootstrap, NodeJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript


An IoT-bundle consisting of a wearable and a framework. Made for theme park management to easily handle huge amounts of real-time data.

dexter_mockup1 (1)

Techniques: AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB,, various 3D-modelling software and 3D-printing

Misc Projects


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Flod is a design project inspired by the bible. It reads Twitter, and when the amount of internet hate grows, it causes a storm in the bottle.



Techniques: Arduino, Processing


Heatlink is a design project that keeps two people connected by using body heat. Your bracelet is paired with another person’s bracelet, and it always transmits the other persons body heat to your wrist in real time.


Techniques: Arduino, Processing

Go bananas

A hand drawn game made in Processing. It’s bananas.


Techniques: Processing

Folkets Park

This project was made to bring people closer, using your phones and second screens. The thought that went into this project was to build a stronger community through technology everybody can use.

presenting prototypeprototype and scenario


Techniques: Android Studio



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If you just scrolled by, I can tell you that my name is Victor and that I am an interaction designer in Malmö, Sweden.
I develop and design the web, games and physical products.


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